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General Rental Conditions

Multirent Italian srl here indicated as “Locator/Lessor/Landlord” rents to the customer their vehicles according to these general rental conditions that are an integral part of the rental agreement. Drivers under 25 years old who have a driving license for less than 4 years will pay an additional cost due to the supplement young guide until a maximum of €196.00 + tax per rental.If the driver’s license is not in Roman alphabet (eg. Arabic, greek, Russian, or Chinese) is International Driving License (I.D.L.).
The vehicles are delivered clean in all parts internally and externally. The customer must return the vehicle in hygienic conditions provided by the ordinary use or charges min. €15.00 up to a max. of €250.00 due to restoring of the same. Inside the car smoking it is prohibited under penalty of max charge. 250,00€ depending on the hygienic conditions of the same. The vehicles are delivered at the location reported in the rental agreement, and must be returned in place transcript while respecting the date and time indicated and ‘expressly it is forbidden to return the vehicle during the closing time of the receiving station. Delays in the return of more than 60 minutes, will give rise to a charge of another day (rental rate 24 hours) for each day or fraction of delay. At the time collecting the vehicle is required an amount as a deposit; amount will be blocked on your credit card through the request for pre-authorization for a total amount that varies from €1,200.00 to €4,000.00 depending on the type and model of the vehicle. This amount will be unlocked automatically after the rental provided there is no damage, theft or fire
The customer who finds it necessary to use the most of their credit card, you can request to reduce up to a maximum of 50%. the amount that the lessor should pre-authorize as deposit. This service does not release the Client from the responsibilities provided for in the event of theft, fire, damage. The Locator reserves the right of terminate the contract and take back the vehicle at any time at the Customer’s expense if the vehicle is used in violation of the next Art.5.

The landlord provides insurance coverage for the persons indicated in the rental agreement and authorized to drive the vehicle (and not in other cases), with the legal limits in force. The customer may be viewed the contents of that policy. In case of accidents between two or more vehicles under the same ownership locator, the insurance does not cover compensation, customers will thus be solely responsible obliged to refund the damage. In the event that the client wishes to rent a vehicle, not buying the accessory insurance coverage that reduces the responsibility versus damage, theft, fire the same will be held fully liable towards the lessor in case of theft and / or fire and / or damage to the vehicle, and for all the damages caused and / or suffered to the rented vehicle and, for the entire rental period, even if employees by accident and / or third parties. The accessory insurance coverage versus damage, theft, fire (CDW) reduces the responsibility of the customer to the value the franchise request to the lessor by the insurance company in case of theft and / or fire and / or damage to the vehicle, and for all the damage caused and / or suffered to the vehicle and ranges from €1,200.00 to €5,000.00, depending on the type and model of the vehicle. The “Super” accessory insurance coverage versus damage, theft, fire (SCDW) reduces the responsibility of the customer to a maximum of 50% of the value the franchise request to the lessor by the insurance company in case of theft and / or fire and / or damage to the vehicle, and for all the damages caused and / or suffered to and from the vehicle. In case of damages, theft and / or the fire will also be charged to the customer the set up fee and practice management until to a maximum of €150.00 + tax. Even in the case which they are active accessory insurance (CDW or SCDW) if the damage, theft and / or the fire was caused by negligence, recklessness or negligence of the customer, the same will be liable to compensate the locator for the ‘full amount of damage, without limitation, addition to the detention of the vehicle, the costs to recover, the time required for repair and the days of lost rental. They are excluded from the limitation of liability damages to crystals, roof underbody, wheels and tires, interiors of the vehicle recovery costs. ‘obligation to the customer:
a) to the immediate denunciation to the competent authorities and to the landlord., and commit to provide all of information for the incident and have filled out the damage report, as well as the relative return of the keys and vehicle documents.
b) strictly observe Article 5 of these General Conditions of Rental.
The Locator reserves the right of terminate the contract and take back the vehicle at any time at expense of Customer in the case not paid for any reason of a previous bill. The deposit guarantee will be refunded within 45 days on return of the vehicle, except for do not intervene disputes, after compensation with any debts of the Customer shall pay or reimburse the landlord, at the time of request, by authorizing the same to collect the money from their credit card or deposit given in cash and / or check the amount:

a) Of the time and mileage charges calculated according to the rates in force;
b) Of the penalty charges for claims for compensation of damage, theft and fire mentioned in article 2;
c) the charge for missing fuel, operating costs inclusive of refueling service performed by the lessor of €15.00 if the customer does not return the vehicle with at least the same amount of fuel supplied to time of delivery except where is not bought by the same the Restitution System Quick SDR in which the car will be provided with full fuel and may be returned without the need to refuel. At the time collecting the vehicle we will be asked to the customer payment equal to the full fuel tank value. The possible not used fuel will be refunded after deduction of a variable administration fee depending on the vehicle category from 20 to 40€
d) the charge for failure to return the vehicle at the place specified in the rental agreement at the rates in force;
e) Of the costs incurred for late payment of amounts due. The Client shall be obliged, also, to the payment of a sum by way of interest corresponding to the official rate calculated on a daily basis. The Client will also be liable for the recovery of debts, to the payment of all legal costs, judicial or extrajudicial incurred by lessor for the recovery the amount due; f) Of the possible fines, penalties, costs of judgment or other taxes to the lessor, by law, and the related operating costs of credit recovery, resulting from the use of the vehicle during the rental. The customer accepts the charge of €40.00 for the costs practice management and re notification fines.
g) Costs incurred for the repair of the car for damages incurred as a result to the fact happened, where there is no responsibility of third parties or in any case not the responsibility of third parties responsible, including the raising wrong information.
h) In the event that the vehicle is confiscated by the police, because of serious infringements caused by the driver / customer, it will be solely responsible for the damage, and shall indemnify the lessor of days of lost rental because of the immobilisation of the vehicle, any damage and / or legal fees and not supported for the return of the vehicle.

Within the limits provided by law, the lessor shall not be liable for any damage suffered by Customer or third parties arising from the use of the vehicle or for loss or damage of things to owned by the customer left in the vehicle or damage or inconvenience findings from delay in delivery, from breakdowns or any other causes outside of the control of the landlord. By signing this the customer / lessee declares to have read and tested the vehicle and had taken note of the perfect mechanical efficiency of the security apparatus of the same, exempting the lessor from all obligations and / or liability for any damage or accident caused by the client.

The Client is fully keeper of the vehicle and must use the vehicle with due diligence, in particular will do not allow the vehicle is used:
a) for the transport of persons and / or things for commercial purposes (excluding vans and minivans), or trasport illegal things (smuggling, drug etc ..)
b) to push or tow vehicles, trailers or other things, excluding vehicles equipped with tow bar approved and authorized
c) in races, tests or speed events and / or skill, illegal betting;
d) by the Customer or by the driver under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs, narcotics, barbiturates or any other substance that jeopardize the knowledge or ability to react;
e) in violation of any customs authorities law, the road code or other rules;
f) driven by someone other than the customer unless that person has been previously indicated in the rental agreement and authorized by the lessor.
g) outside of Italy without the lessor’s consent and without the additional insurance, if requested.
h) E ‘absolutely prohibited the subleasing to third parties in whatever form. unless specifically authorized by the lessor.
i) The Customer is obliged to use all anti-theft devices of which is fitted to the vehicle and the utmost caution whenever it is parked and abandoned, even if indoors or secure areas

Any accident must be communicated to the lessor within 24 hours: if necessary, the Customer must immediately submit denounces to the Police and send the original complaint to the landlord within 24 hours. The module “accident reporting” (Cid), if required, is to be completed at the time of the accident and handed over to the lessor at the return of the vehicle, with a copy of the documents counterparty. The customer must endeavor to obtain if required data relating to witnesses and other vehicles involved. Customer agrees to cooperate the lessor and the insurers of the same in any investigation or legal proceeding.

In case of failure and / or damage to the vehicle, not due to negligence or willful misconduct of the Customer, or caused by third parties, the customer is required to urgently communicate this to the Courtesy service of the lessor ( +39 3402789870) and provide you with the utmost care and precision all the data related to the fact, failing which the he will charged for the cost of the damage plus their associated costs, holding back the expense from the deposit. In the case in which the customer due to damage or failure isn’t unable to continue the trip. In the case in which the customer due to damage or failure is unable to continue the trip the lessor engages, if possible, to the replacement of the vehicle, or in case of impossibility of replacement, to refund the portion of canon not enjoyed. The customer must not make decisions if you do not the instructions and expressed permission of the lessor. Abandonment of the vehicle and / or to travel outside of Italy without authorization will result in the loss of anypossibility to use the courtesy service and the customer will be required to refund to the lessor all direct and indirect costs relating to the recovery of the vehicle. The customer is not entitled to reimbursement of the repair costs of the vehicle unless preventively authorized by the lessor. In the case of Drillings and / or damage to the tires, the customer must their replacement at his own expense. the return of the vehicle with repaired tires is not allowed.

Who signed the present letter of hire in the name and on behalf of another person and / or company answer jointly and severally of the obligations assumed towards the lessor.

The two parties agree that jurisdiction only to Pisa.

The Italian text will always prevail in case of conflict with the translated text in other languages.