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Go safely to any destination with our vehicles equipped with winter equipment.
MultiRENT Italia makes available on all car categories (from the smallest to the most luxurious) and on  9 seater car and vans, winter tires and snow chains.
Winter tires (or thermal tires) are suitable not only for snow; they allow you to drive in full comfort on particularly cold and muddy road surfaces because they retain greater grip compared to a normal tire.
They reduce the braking distance and quickly reach the operating temperature.
They are also a valid alternative to snow chains where mandatory; in fact, for some road or motorway sections (from November 15th to April 15th of each year) there may be chains on board.
That’s why our car rental offers the latest generation of chains, simple and practical to assemble.

So, if you are planning a trip and need winter tires, snow chains, or both, send us a request in advance stating which vehicle category you need to set up

MultiRENT Italia will guarantee you to drive in full comfort , making your itinerary safe and fun even with the most difficult weather conditions.